I Heart Faces Weekly Challenge: From a Distance

I just found the awesome photography website I Heart Faces and this is my first time participating in their weekly challenge.  This week’s theme is “From a Distance.”  I chose to enter this photo of my daughter, 2 years old, intently examining a dandelion in the field.



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17 responses to “I Heart Faces Weekly Challenge: From a Distance

  1. Chris

    Very pretty, love the colors. She’s a doll!!

  2. Oh this so reminds me of my little one who does the same thing! What a special moment you will treasure forever. So beautiful

  3. Reminds me of Laura Ingalls Wilder and “The Little House on the Prairie” ^_^

  4. She is precious! Love everything about this gorgeous photo.

  5. This is great! I love the expressive curiosity of children you can see what they are thinking even from a distance!

  6. So very pretty! Love how she’s looking at the dandelion!

  7. Sweet sweet yellow tones and baby……good shot!

  8. Beautiful summery feel to this shot—she’s a real cutie, too!…

  9. Beautiful light, colours, the little girl’s expression:)

  10. How beautiful! I love the bright, happy colors . . . what a sweet little girl!

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